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Feedstock Production, Biomass Resource Assessments and Economics


Grass Pellets


Biomass Densification (pelleting and briquetting) and Biomass Quality and Combustion

Greenhouse gases, lifecycle analysis and environmental

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Français - Granules de panic érigé (granules d'herbe)

Agri-Fibres and Agro-Forestry

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Agro-Ecological Village Model


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Bokashi Organic Fertilizer
Ecological Sugarcane

Improved Cookstoves
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  • Mayon Turbo Stove video
  • Philippines - Interview with Leopoldo Guilaran (ECO-Rice breeder) #1 - COMING SOON!
  • Chinese Farmer Interview #1 - COMING SOON!
  • Chinese Farmer Interview #2 - COMING SOON!
  • Chinese Farmer Interview #3 - COMING SOON!
  • Gambia GEAD project - COMING SOON!

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