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Mayon Turbo Stove: Design Package

REAP-Canada Would Like to Encourage the Mayon Turbo Stove Technology for Communities Around the World ...

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Understanding how the Mayon Turbo Stove has improved living conditions in the southern Philippines, REAP-Canada is facilitating governments, NGOs, manufacturing workshops, and others to market the stove in other nations. We have prepared an International Marketing and Manufacturing Package which includes information on what is needed to manufacture and disseminate the stove at the local level. The package includes general information on the stove, design drawings for manufacture, an instruction manual, brochures, and former case studies, and can be obtained for $200 CDN.

Mayon Turbo Stovev

Mayon Turbo Stove Design Package Contents

MTS Marketing
  • MTS Marketing Brochure
  • Booklet: How to use the Mayon Turbo Stove
MTS Information
  • MTS Information Step by Step Manufacturing Instructions
  • MTS 6500/7000 Design Specifications Worksheet
  • Engineering Figure 1
  • Engineering Figure 2
  • Engineering Figure 3
  • Engineering Figure 4
MTS Information
  • Aprovecho Performance Report on the MTS
  • Operating and Performance Characteristics of Rice Hull Stoves
  • Impact of a Rice Hull Stove on fuel expenditures and GHG emissions
  • Enhancing Household Biomass Energy Use in the Philippines
  • Evolution of the MTS

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Mayon Turbo Stove or are interested in purchasing one of these packages, please contact us by email at info at or phone at 514-398-7743.

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